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2,240 Miles!

1958 Porsche 356 Speedster (Vintage Speedster)

Striking, Rare Black / Tan Interior & Top

Very High Quality Built byh Vintage Speedsters!

Only 2,240 One Owner Miles!!


The Porsche 356 Speedster is not only one of the more recognizable sports cars of the 1950's / 1960's, but perhaps one of the most desirable.

The Porsche 356 was the company's first production automobile. It was a lightweight and nimble handling rear-engine rear-wheel-drive 2 door sports car available in hardtop and convertible configurations. Design innovations continued during the years of manufacture, contributing to its motorsports success and popularity. Production started in 1948 at Gmünd, Austria where approximately 50 cars were built. In 1950 the factory relocated to Zuffenhausen, Germany and general production of the 356 continued until April 1965, well after the replacement model 911 made its autumn 1963 debut. It is estimated approximately half of the total production of 76,000 356s still survive.

Cabriolets (convertibles) were offered from the start, and in the early 1950s sometimes comprised over 50% of total production. One of the most desirable collector models is the 356 "Speedster", introduced in late 1954 after Max Hoffman, the sole US importer of Porsches, advised the company that a lower-cost, open-top version could sell well in the American market. With its low, raked windshield (which could be removed for weekend racing), bucket seats and minimal folding top, the Speedster was an instant hit, especially in Southern California. Production of the Speedster peaked at 1,171 cars in 1957 and then started to decline. It was replaced in late 1958 by the "Convertible D" model. It featured a taller, more practical windshield, glass side windows and more comfortable seats. The following year the 356B "Roadster" convertible replaced the D model but the sports car market's love affair with top-down motoring was fading; soft-top 356 model sales declined significantly in the early 60s.


A few years ago, the owner's of this magnificent vehicle had an interest in owning a classic 356 Speedster. They were fascinated not only by the styling of the "Speedster" but by the significant history and interesting owners of 50's vintage Porsches (including Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno and others). However, they had certain requirements that had to be met to even consider the purchase of a "Porsche."

Their interest was in a car that they could use primarily as a fair weather, "fun car." It also had to have exceptinal good looks. Additionally, the car that they chose had to offer reliability for longer trips (to the Wine Country, Carmel, the Beach, etc.) It also had to be high quality and not a poorly constructed, "backyard special." Finally, and perhaps most important, the car had to be reasonably priced unlike an original 1958 Porsche 356 Speedster ($175,000+....if you can find one!).

The challenge was a difficult one until they learned about Vintage Speedsters in Southern California. Arguably, Vintage Speedsters (VS) is the premier builder of turnkey Porsche Speedsters.period. Vintage Speedsters builds more than 90% of the Speedsters being sold today and has built over 3,000 cars since they began in 1988 over 12 years ago. They have a proven history of producing high quality, hand constructed cars with time tested frames, bodies and components. Additional information can be found at their website vintagespeedsters.com


While sales "hype" can be one thing, the true test of a quality product is what the customers have to say once they have received and used the product. Well, to say that Vintage Speedsters has very satisfied customers would be quite an understatement. Consider the following testimonials written by satisfied customers:

- "My professionally built Vintage Speedster is a pleasure to drive. The car is fun, reliable and a real head turner. The overall experience has been delightful thanks to you and the rest of the Vintage Speedsters staff."

"The other guys are easily spotted with poor quality, rippled fiberglass and an obvious lack of attention to detail. Unlike those "other" cars, my Speedsters doors, hood and trunk fit and work flawlessly and the attention to such items as the gauges, steering wheel and comfortable seats add to the experience."

"Your company is number one paying close attention to detail quality and customer satisfaction."

John W. T.

- "After 6months my Speedster is just as exciting and fun as the day that I took delivery. Last weekend I drove it over 800 miles to the NASCAR races in Phoenix and averaged 32mpg! Last week a radar cop put down his radar gun to give me the thumbs up! Everyone likes this car! 4000 trouble free miles so far! I look forward to seeing you in Morro Bay!!!

Bill W.

- "Hello, a quick note from your friend in Mass. The little red Speedster you sold me 2 years ago just placed 1st at a great car show in Vermont at the 19th annual Hildene car show with over 900 cars entered (the family home of Abe Lincoln) on Saturday, June 10.

"You should have seen all of the Porsche guys, 50% were Porsche snobs and the other 50% flipped.they loved your car. They said it was amazing and that the quality was unbelievable. So at 4:00pm on Sunday night they walked the line. A 69 Volvo took 3rd, a '56 Gullwing took 2nd and the little red Vintage Speedster took 1st place! We were quite excited when we placed 3rd last year. I drove in the winner's circle with my 10 year old and 5 year old daughters sitting on the rear boot and waving. We got a beautiful pewter plate for 1st place. Thanks again for an amazing car that the family loves more than anything."

Your friends,



This 1958 Porsche 356 Speedster Replica was, unlike many of the cars that are in stock, was custom ordered by its owners. In talking with Vintage Speedsters they learned that the "standard" black cars were being produced mostly with black interiors and black convertible tops. They were interested in a car with a black exterior and tan interior & top. Frankly, the combination is striking and there is no doubt (at least in our minds) that the decision was a good one.

The Speedster is very drivable under all conditions, including longer highway trips. The car cruises easily at speeds well in excess of the posted speed limits. Disc brakes were added to the front to provide a measure of safety and improved stopping distance. Additional upgrades / options are significnat and include:

 Engine fitted with dual Solex carburetors

 A 4.10 ratio 4-speed

 Fully syncromesh transmission

 Optional black exterior paint

 Beautiful tan interior, door panels and dash

 Classic instruments/Gauges

 German carpets, including trunk carpet

 Seat belts installed at the time of factory build

 German canvas top in rare tan color

 Full Tonneau Cover (color coordinated tan)

 Convertible top Boot

 Nardi Wood Steering Wheel and Matching Wooden Shift Knob.

 5-lug Chrome Wheels with Baby Moon Hub-Caps

 Front Disc Brakes

 Steel Reinforced Fiberglass Body

 Classic instruments/Gauges

 Built on a 1973 VW platform enhanced by VS' custom built, jig welded, 2x4 inch 11-gauge steel frame

This particular car is built on a 1973 VW Chassis VIN # 11332898410 and, as a result is exempt from smog checks in the State of California and most other states. The Speedster was professionally constructed by Vintage Speedsters as a "turn-key" example and is build to the absolutely highest standards. The attached photos truly tell the story. We ask that you pay particular attention to the quality of the underside of the car including the floor pan, suspension members, brake components, engine and other details that make this car a solid, reliable example of a Speedster.

As a specially constructed vehicle there are a number of insurance companies that are familiar with the car and will provide very competitive rates for occasional use of these classic "Porsches."

What do all of these options and high build quality actually mean? Well, not only will you enjoy the feel, sound and joy of this classic '58 "Speedster" it will leave you smiling, wanting more and reaching for those keys at every opportunity.

On a more practical note, the quality cars like this example hold their value so you have investment will not vanish instantly as is the case with a poorly built, sometimes even unsafe Porsche recreation.


Well, this one is easy to describe. Think of a newly constructed vehicle and you will get an accurate picture of the condition of this Speedster.

The "356" is in absolutely beautiful condition both mechanically and cosmetically and with just over 2,000 miles remains like new. The Speedster has never had any damage, re-painting or cosmetic flaws and remains as it came from Vintage Speedsters.

All of the "soft" items (convertible top, tonneau cover & side curtains) have been stored and are in new condition. The convertible top cover has remained in place and the convertible top has been used just a few times. The car has never seen or been driven in the rain.

Mechanically, the car is also superb. With more horsepower than an original VW Bug, the car has excellent power in any situation. The car has a great, fully syncromesh transmission that shifts perfectly and the car can be driven at speeds well above 75mph with no problem. The gearing makes the car fun to drive at any speed whether it be around town or on a longer trip on the highway.

The suspension was completely rebuilt utilizing front disc brakes. The car steers straight, stops straight and everything works including the wipers, turn signals, dash lights, lights, brake lights and the emergency brake. Unlike many air-cooled engines this one does not leak and has a wonderful, throaty sound from the dual exhaust system.

The Speedster passed our critical independent safety inspection and the experienced foreign car mechanic exclaimed "This is the nicest replica that I have seen. It is extremely well built and no short cuts were taken. It's nice to see a properly built car."


* We encourage telephone calls to discuss in greater details the condition/specifics of this "Porsche." It is truly difficult to fully describe, in writing, the high quality of this particular example and some of the small things that sets it apart from other so called unique vehicles.

* We will be glad to discuss a sale of the car prior to the end of the listing on eBay, and ask that interested parties call us at 925-846-1451 for additional information/specifics.

* As with virtually all collector/specialty vehicles, we find that parts and resources are readily available for this (and most every vehicle), thanks in large part to the Internet and, in this case, the friendly folks at Vintage Speedsters!

* In addition to the purchase price of the vehicle, California buyers will be subject to sales tax, documentation fee, DMV transfer fees and license/registration. Out-of-state buyers will be responsible for the purchase price of the vehicle and any local taxes/fees will be the purchaser's responsibility to pay in their respective state.

IMPORTANT NOTE TO OUT OF STATE BUYERS: If the Speedster is delivered or driven in California and driven on California roads, sales-tax, license registration and transfer fees will be assessed per California law.

* While we encourage telephone calls to discuss this vehicle in greater detail we will not respond to inquiries asking "What is the reserve". Also, if you would prefer that we call you to answer any questions about the vehicle; shipping alternatives, etc. please e-mail us with your telephone number and will gladly get back in touch with you. Also, we encourage pre-inspections but ask that you contact us in advance since we are often times away from our offices.

* We ask that prospective buyers consider our eBay history/feedback, standing in the community, length of time in business, and other factors when purchasing a collectible vehicle from Classic Cars Ltd.

* Please keep in mind that, as with any used vehicle, minor cosmetic issues/flaws may be present that add to the "patina" of the car and are a part of even the best restoration, or even a relatively new, used "pre-owned" vehicle.


As always, we recommend that you carefully review the seller's background of any collector car being sold over the Internet. We believe that it is important to ask yourself a number of questions including, but not limited to:

- How long have they been in business?

- How much experience do they have with collector cars?

- How many positive collector car vehicle sales have completed (positive eBay feedback)?

- How detailed/complete is the description of the vehicle?

- Do the photos show details of the interior, exterior, top, chrome, etc. or are they simply "Glamour Shots" taken from a distance?

- Does the seller have a Surety Bond to protect the financial transaction?

- What about insurance, licensing by the state, and a local business license?

- Does the seller (if a business) have any DMV (Motor Vehicle) complaints and/or other history of legal action, grievances?

- Does the seller enjoy a favorable local and national/international reputation?

- Can the seller assist with funding sources, transport and out of state/country sales?


* Classic Cars Ltd. has been in the same, small, California town for over 16 is years. We operate a small "brick & mortar", indoor showroom, and specialize in the sale, consignment, and purchase of sports, high performance and specialty vehicles of all types. We have a particular interest in sports cars and unique vehicles.

* Virtually all of our vehicles come from local, private owners and collectors, and many were sold new in California. We appreciate that rust free cars, with excellent documentation and history are especially attractive to our buyers both locally, and around the country. As a result, we do not purchase our collectible cars from "distressed" sales, such as wholesale auctions, salvage sales, or lien sales. We do not sell vehicles with salvage titles, or those that have a history of significant accident damage or repair.

* Please review our feedback on eBay (user name Never22Many) representing over 560 positive transactions to buyers all over the United States / World.

* We are fully insured, bonded, and licensed for collector car sales all over the United States/World.

* Classic Cars Ltd. carries a $50,000 Surety bond to cover financial transactions

* We enjoy excellent relationships with a number of transport companies and, as a result, can often times obtain preferred pricing for vehicle shipping. Please give us a call and we will be glad to refer you to suitable transport companies. Of course, we would recommend a quality, enclosed transporter that is experience with moving high quality, sports cars.

* We frequently sell vehicles to out of State / out of country buyers, and will be glad to provide references for buyers in your area.

Thank you,

Classic Cars Ltd.


Body Type / Style:Roadster
Exterior Color:Black
Interior Color:Tan
Engine:4 Cylinder
Transmission:   4 Speed Manual


"Body Off" Restoration
Convertible Boot Cover
Convertible Top
Custom Interior / Dash
Dual Exhaust
Dual Side Mirrors
Factory 4-Speed
  Fresh Engine
Fresh Transmission
Front Disc Brakes
Rear Storage Area
Runs / Drives Very Well
Tonneau Cover

One Owner

Custom Ordered

Rare Black / Tan

Quality Build by Vintage Speedsters

Beautiful Panel Fit

Solid as a Rock!

Chrome Wheels / "Baby Moons"

Attention to Detail

Quality Through & Through

Fully Functional Lighting

No Damage Body

Classic Styling

Take a Close Look!

Beautiful Paint

Beautiful Fit & Finish

Hard to Tell From Real!

Rear Deck Lid

Left Rear Quarter

Left Door Close

Says it All!


Right Front - Close

Left Front - Close

Left Rear - Close

Right Rear - Close

Great Plate - Included!

Classic Badges (Real & Incl.)


This Side Too....

Left Side Front to Back

Right Side Front to Rear

Canvas Convertible Boot

Factory Canva Convertible Top

Top Up

Like New

Top Close

Window Close

Side Curtains Included

Never Used (Still in Bag)

Full Canvas Tonneau

Nice Touch!

Absolutely Brilliant Interior

High Quality in Every Respect

Beautiful Upholstery

Driver's Side Seats

As Good as it Gets!

Nardi Wheel

Very High Quality Carpet

Lovely Dash

Wheel CLose - #1

Wheel Close #2

Center Tunnel

Rear Seat / Center

Overall Interior

Bird's Eye View

Left Door Panel

Right Door Panel

Dash Left to Right

Gauge Cluster


Badge - Close (Included)

Badge - CLose (Included)

Body Badge (Lower Right Fender)

Wonderful License Plate (Incl.)

Totally Finished Trunk Area

Side Windows - Never Used

Wheel #1

Wheel #2

Wheel #3

Wheel #4

Engine Bay - Dual Carbs!

Very Clean!!

New Components

On Lift - Right Side

On Lift Left Side

Engine - Totally Clean Underside

New Suspension Components

New Disc Brakes

Engine Close


Virtually a Newly Mfg. Car!

Engine Close

Suspension - New

Save Thousands Over a New Example!

Simply Fantastic....

Pleasanton, CA 925-846-1451 Email