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1976 Triumph TR6 - Factory Hardtop!

Professionally Restored TR6 - Desirable Upgrades & Subtle Modifications

Comprehensive Mechanical Restoration <2,000 Miles (Documented)

Lovely Cosmetic Restoration - Factory Correct Pimento Red / Factory Matching, Restored Hardtop & Black Interior

Unique Period Upgrades Including Gauges, Wheels, Rollbar & More!


This TR6 was owned by local Bay area sports car enthusiasts who, over the years invested in a comprehensive restoration of the exterior, interior, engine & drive-line, suspension and virtually every major part of the car. The car's owners approached the car with a "cost no object” philosophy as is demonstrated by the extensive history of maintenance, repairs and restoration costs that will accompany the car.

In fact, the engine rebuild and other mechanical improvements (completed within 1,000 miles by local British car specialists), are documented with receipts in the file that total in excess of $17,000.00! The details contained in the notebook maintained by the car's current and previous owner contain information on the TR6 dating back over the course of 15+ years and include everything from receipts for repairs to a wide range of other information (from wiring schematics to a variety of technical bulletins and other information).

Cosmetically, the car has been gone through from top to bottom including a high quality re-spray (The cars original "Pimento Red / Code #72 is shown on the trim tag), completely replaced interior / dash, restored factory hardtop, custom features (driving lights, uniquely configured dashboard including a MIG fighter clock, additional dash mounted gauges, authentic "period” American Racing wheels and more. While the details of the work are too lengthy to list item by item, they are contained in a large binder that is 3”+ thick. A summary of the work performed along with the cars condition can be found below.


• Late production example of the TR6 (Only 1,885 additional cars manufactured until production ended)

• Proper TR6 color (Pimento red) / TR Color code 72 - Trim 11 (Black)

• Late model 1976 (last year) with VIN # CF56443 (Produced May, 1976 based on trim tag)

• Restored by current owner and owned for 13+ years

• Factory original restored hardtop finished in Pimento red (shown in photos)

• No current accident damage to body / bumpers

• Door close solidly and all locks are functional

• No rust or rot through on exterior body panels

• Recently Passed California smog

• "Chrome Bumper" TR6 with beautiful conversion to pre- 1974 all chrome bumper example

• Beautiful custom fabricated front stainless steel brackets with desirable (and costly!) Marchal driving lights fitted (refer to photos)

• Refinished original wood dashboard

• All new Carrelli carpet & under-felt (Dynamat type insulation)

• New trunk liner board kit (carpeted not fiberboard)

Extensive file of maintenance / restoration records and indexed history on the TR6 including:

Summary of work completed over 15+ years:

• Previous titles / paperwork

• Suspension information (upgrades, work performed, etc.)

• Electrical information (Work completed, schematics, wiring diagrams, and more.)

• Body (Information on cosmetic restoration, receipts and more receipts!)

• Interior information

• Painting Details


The paint work rates very high by any standard and is high gloss with no peeling, fading, or signs of damage. The body is free from damage as well as dents and other noticeable imperfections. Considering the vintage of the TR6 panel fit is generally good with tight closing doors, trunk, and properly releasing front hood. Rocker panels show some signs of misalignment due to being replaced to ensure a totally rust free example when the car underwent its cosmetic restoration. As British car enthusiasts can attest, panel fitment was never a strong suit of manufacturers of 1970's vintage vehicles.

An emergency hood release has been installed in the event of the somewhat common cable failure that can occur on the TR6. The doors do not sag, and the hinges are solid and rust free. The undersides of the hood and trunk areas are very clean and free of dirt; oil and grease (see photos on the Website). The door jambs and inner hood area support that the car was totally disassembled when it received its a complete professional re-paint including door jambs, undersides of hood and trunk and all other areas of the car. No partial repainting has been done since the car was restored.

The doors and trunk lock. As the photographs suggest, this is striking example of the ever popular TR6.

Based on our history of the Triumph and an independent inspection, there is no damage to the chassis, and the car does not show any indications of major accident damage to the frame, or body panels.

Additional items worth noting relative to the body include:

• Restoration took place at 35,464 miles (just 4,908 miles ago)

• Body restoration (and paint) cost over $6,000.00 in 2003!

• New door felts, rubbers and soft trim

• Matching factory hardtop with new side trim, headliner and excellent glass

• Bumpers, luggage rack and other exterior trim replaced

• New license plate lights

• New custom configured front bumper with costly Marchal driving lights (a great "Period” look!

• Many exterior components polished

• New chrome "Bullet” mirrors

• New sill plates

• New upper windshield trim plate

• Restored convertible top frame

• Install canvas convertible top

• Too many additional other details to note (Please review photographs)

The convertible top on the TR6 is in good condition but has been stored for many years. New convertible top webbing was installed. The side windows and rear windows are very clear, and there are no tears, rips or damage to the top. While it reaches the windshield header our photos shows it in the sun where it should sit to stretch before being fully fastened. The top operates freely and easily.

The hardtop is in nice condition as well. The trim was replaced along the windows as was the headliner. The hardtop has been stored since the restoration since the owner has enjoyed the car with the top down on sunny California days.

The exterior trim is also in great condition with much of the trim being replaced at the time of the restoration. While the 1976 had what some enthusiasts consider the ‽Ugly rubber bumpers”, that reality has been addressed with the clever removal of the front and rear "rubber bumperettes.” Marchal driving lights are mounted in the front on the custom made, highly polished stainless steel brackets (have the appearance of chrome). The rear chrome bumper has the appearance of a stock earlier (pre-1974) TR6 and is considerably more attractive.

They are free from accident damage, and are fit with no gaps or misalignment. The chrome on the front and rear bumpers is excellent and they are extremely straight and free from rust, pitting or any significant flaws.

The other exterior trim including the chrome side view mirror, door handles, headlight chrome trim rings, large chrome gas cap, and other chrome are also free from any rust / pitting and in excellent condition.

The glass on the car is free from cracks and damage, and all of the windows roll up and seal properly. The front windshield is free from any cracks, and is in very good condition.

The trunk is very clean and contains the original spare and tools. The boot board (toward the forward part of the car) has been replaced as has the carpet resulting in a very clean attractive trunk area. There are no signs, of rust, leakage or moisture in the trunk area.


The interior is in beautiful condition and largely stock in its condition with the exception of some period Rally style upgrades that could easily be removed should the new owners so desire. Frankly, we would leave the car absolutely as is and appreciate the tasteful upgrades.

Specifically, some of the interior upgrades include the following:

• Beautiful interior including seats, door panels, carpeting, dash and trim

• Lovely La Carrera wooden steering wheel

• High quality wood dash installed

• All gauges removed, cleaned & serviced

• 140 mph Smiths speedometer added (Reads in miles and kilometers)

• All bezels polished, re-chromed or replaced with new

• Add map light on right side of dash (fully functional)

• The glove box locks and fits well and is in very good condition

• New visors

• Add gauges (Vacuum & temperature) to upper dash in nice enclosure

• Add custom panel, switches & clock (Reportedly from a MIG fighter plane)

• Fuel pump switch (red) mounted on dash

• Install cigar lighter (Car not smoked in, for cell phone or other electronic connection)

• Repair windows

• Add fire extinguisher

• 3” wide "4 point” seat belts added to driver's side

• Lucas "Prince of Darkness” small discreet pin mounted subtly between speedometer and tachometer

• From the seats to the dash, door panel and carpeting, everything has been restored over the years. The TR 6 interior presents extremely well and does not require any attention or show any signs of noticeable / significant signs of wear.


Frankly, the TR6 is one of our favorite late 1960's - early 1970's British cars to drive. They have great torque, power, and emit a wonderful sound from the stock dual exhaust system. In this case, the sound is even better as a result of the Monza exhaust system that sounds just right; not too loud but perfect for a sports car from this era.

The TR6 runs and drives great. While the car is subject to California smog, it has passed smog and received some repairs to ensure that it is smog compliant in California. The TR6 is exempt from many state requirements as a result of it being over 25 years of age (Please check with your local state authorities). For California buyer's, the TR6 will be registered to California buyers prior to delivery.

To say the TR6 is strong mechanically would be an understatement. When it comes to drivability, this particular TR6 is great. The car is great fun to drive and does not exhibit any problems. The car starts immediately when cold and hot and runs cool, even in warm California temperatures. The battery is excellent and the TR6 always starts on the first attempt.

The engine is very strong and does not smoke, leak, or exhibit any problems. The Triumph idles smoothly at just below 1000 rpm, and does not hesitate, or have any issues. A compression was taken with results as follows: 140/150/150/150/150/150.

The transmission shifts very well and the syncromesh gears are all fine. The TR6 does not pop out of gear, whine, slip, or exhibit any drivability issues whatsoever. There is no noise in the drive-line and the clutch engages properly and without slippage, chattering or fuss. The car steers straight and sure, the brakes work well and stop the car without any pulling, squeaking or noise. The emergency brake is functional and correctly adjusted.

This is excellent running/driving (and good looking!) We see nice original Triumphs selling for over $30,000.00 and climbing. This is a TR6 that will provide years of enjoyment and, best of all, it is offered at a reasonable price.

The information below represents a summary of the work that has been completed on the TR6 including significant work within the previous 500 miles!

At 39,309 miles (<1,000 miles ago)

• Big brake conversion (Including front drilled and slotted rotors)

• 4 piston calipers

• New master cylinder

• Bleed brakes / new fluid

• New rear brake lines & wheel cylinders as needed

• Replace any needed brake components

Above work completed by British master mechanic at a cost of $3,400.00~

At 38,900 miles <2,000~ miles ago)

• Engine rebuild at a cost of $13,800.00 including:

• Newly rebuilt cylinder head with bronze guides, hard seats / surface & machine head

• New performance camshaft

• New rocker assembly, gaskets & major tune / service

• Add Petronics electric ignition

• New timing seal gaskets

• New hoses, clamps, fuses, etc.

• Drain & refill coolant with new

• Total rebuilt of carburetors, linkage (using many new components)

• Bring car up to Smog spec by ensuring the presence of original smog pump and all other equipment so the car would be California legal

• Remove gas tank, repair minor leak and flush system

• New float & gasket set while out of car

• New clutch, rear crankshaft seal & front transmission seal

• Rebuilt clutch slave cylinder

• New seals, gaskets & paint components

Within several thousand miles:

• Rebuilt alternator

• Spin on oil filter added

• Add aluminum radiator for improved cooling

• Add overflow jar

• New heater control valve

• New engine & transmission mounts

• Rebuilt front end with nylon bushings

• New exhaust mounts & Monza exhaust

• Replace steering rack boots & tie rod ends

• Replace steering rack mounts

• Remove & replace pinion & stub axles / bearings

Many new and used parts are included with the TR6 as are shop / repair manuals and a reproduction owner's manual (shown in the photos).

To say this Triumph TR 6 has gone through an extensive, complete mechanical restoration would be a dramatic understatement. While it is impossible to detail everything that was done to the Triumph (Including extensive work within the past 2,000~ miles), the following will provide the prospective buyer with a good feel for the extensive nature of the work performed.

Engine bay was highly detailed as were all components. The engine, suspension and braking system are better than new and totally fresh. The TR6 includes volumes of receipts, installation manuals for products used and considerable technical information.

Over the years, we have seen virtually every British sports car from the 50's and 60's and the TR6 remains one of our personal favorites. This car is considerably more affordable than many others but will draw even more attention as a result of its uniqueness.


The TR6 was introduced in January 1969, using a similar chassis and running gear components to those used in the TR5/TR250. However, the bodywork, while retaining some elements of the TR5/TR250 design, was externally restyled by Karmann. Apart from smoothing the lines of the car, the design changes also gave the car more boot space. A front anti-roll bar now formed part of the specification and wider wheels were also fitted making the car look low, lean and very fast - which, of course, it was, courtesy of the TR5/TR250 smooth 6-cylinder inline 2498cc engine.

The powerful six-cylinder engine is a reliable unit, with the USA-market carbureted (104 hp) fuel delivery. The TR6 was modified in several respects during its production run, and the components affected include the gearbox (including ratios and an overdrive), making the later model cars more drivable. The trim was also altered, and an air dam was fitted below the bumper from 1976. While the 1974+ TR6 cars came from the factory with "Safety bumpers” that had large rubber over riders, they have been removed from this car resulting in clean chrome bumpers similar to those found on earlier Triumph's.

Also offered was a factory hardtop that many considered one of the more attractive options. This particular car includes a totally restored factory hardtop.

The TR6 came to the end of its production in July 1976 (February 1975, for UK models). In all, 94,619 TR6 cars were built, of which 86,249 were exported to the United States. The car retained the appeal of the traditional British sports models but had the additional, exciting element of being faster, and more furious than would be rivals. This combination of tradition and power helps to explain its popularity today. The two seats are comfortable and there is ample legroom, even for the taller driver. The trim is functional, rather than fancy. The dash is neat and uncluttered, and endearing feature of most of the 1960's vintage Triumphs. The wooden dash gives an air of quality.

The rear end styling of the Karmann bodywork is as neat as that of the front, with flowing lines that incorporate the tail lamps and rear bumpers. The luggage compartment is very roomy for that of a two-seater sports car, and an improvement on the trunk of the earlier Triumphs. Overall, the TR6 is an attractive, "torquey” and very enjoyable two-seater. It's very good overall performance, good road holding, and reliability, plus its sheer character, makes it a car that is a joy to drive by any sports car enthusiast.


- Carries a clean California title (registered in California)

- California smog legal


Body Type / Style:Convertible
Exterior Color:Pimento Red
Interior Color:Black
Engine:6 Cylinder
Transmission:   4 Speed Manual


Convertible Boot Cover
Custom Interior
Dual Carburetors
Dual Exhaust
Dual Side Mirrors
Factory 4-Speed
Factory Bucket Seats
Factory Hardtop
Factory Spare
Finished / Carpeted Trunk
Fog / Driving Lights
  Fresh Complete Engine Rebuild
Front Disc Brakes
Front Sway Bar
Functional Horn
New Carpet
New Interior
Repair History
Repair Receipts
Roll Bar
Seat Belts (Front)
Smiths Gauges

Period American Racing Wheels

Note: Reflection from exhaust on lower bumper

From a Fighter Plane!

Beautiful Dash / Gauges

Tasteful Addition

"Old School" Cocoa Mats


Bad photo...chrome fire extinguisher

Hardtop Just placed on Car (Not fastened)

New rubber trim

Excellent glass

Very solid floor pans

Not fastened

Clear windows & quality canvas

TONS of records!!

Manuals, Owner's Manual & Parts

Pleasanton, CA 925-846-1451 Email