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1966 Datsun / Nissan 1600

Desirable 1996 Datsun "Short Window" 1600 (SPL 311) Roadster

One California owner for 40+ Years Through 2008

Absolutely Beautiful all Original "Survivor"


This car is offered at a realistic price and, unlike bidding on cars in an auction environment, you will have the benefit of extensive information & history on the car prior to making a buying decision. Equally as important is the fact that Classic Cars Ltd. has been in business for 20+ years and enjoys an excellent national / international relationship with nearly 800 positive eBay feedback responses.

Please keep in mind that we will gladly...

1. Answer any questions over the telephone and take the time to guide prospective customers through the buying process (925-846-1451).

2. Assist with locating a quality, suitable transporter at very competitive prices.

3. Provide proof that we are licensed, bonded (for the financial transaction), fully insured, and operate from an established showroom environment.

4. Provide feedback from previous buyers, and specific references for vehicle purchases in your area (we also ask that you view our detailed eBay feedback)

5. Offer additional information including specific photographs or clarification of any part of our description of the vehicle

Thank you again, please let me know if I can be of assistance.

Paul R. Wankle, Pres.
Classic Cars Ltd.
Pleasanton, CA


After 40+ years with one California owner, we sold this excellent car to a new West Coast owner in 2009 who subsequently improved and maintained it. We recently repurchased it from it's enthusiast owner and had her professionally transported back to our California showroom. This Datsun SPL311 1600 will have considerable appeal to prospective buyers who are on a somewhat limited budget and looking for a great weekend or occasional use car. It also meets the criteria that many of our buyers seek including; uniqueness, fun to drive and having the potential of holding its value (even appreciating) in the future. It is truly "turn-key" and ready to enjoy. Major features include:

- Factory 1600 cc 96 hp 4 cylinder engine with dual carburetors & stock air cleaners
- 4 speed all synchromesh manual transmission
- Front disc brakes
- New battery (within 2 weeks)
- Functional period style Sanyo AM/FM cassette stereo radio w/ power antenna
- Excellent black convertible top w/ clear rear and side windows
- Excellent glass
- Newer Falken radial tires on after-market 14 inch wheels
- 4 original steel wheels included (counting the spare)
- 4 original hubcaps (in excellent condition)
- Autopower roll bar
- Autopower 4-point 3" seat belts & harnesses
- Incredibly extensive, detailed maintenance/improvement records covering decades


This 1966 Datsun 1600 is not only very unique, but it was originally a one owner California car for 40+ years. Since we sold the car to its new buyer 5 years ago, it has been garaged in an underground storage area. The "1600" has received excellent care over the years and while not in the category of a totally restored example, it has been very well maintained and recently received mechanical upgrades, safety improvements and cosmetic and mechanical updates as needed.

While in Colorado, the car received a plaque for "Best Low Windshield Roadster" at the 10 year reunion of the Wyoming Colorado Roadster Owners Club in 2009.

This Datsun, VIN # SPL31103087, shows current mileage as 00,181. We are listing the mileage as "TMU" (Total Miles Unknown). While the mileage in 2009 was only 54,851 (stated as original by the cars owner at the time), the speedometer failed, was replaced and re-set to zero. It currently reflects 181 miles.

While the Datsun is not a restored show level car, it is an extremely original "Survivor" that is very complete and very attractive (the photos accurately reflect the quality of the car). For someone that has an interest in a California "born & raised" Datsun 1600 "short windshield" roadster this car is an excellent car to consider and, best of all, it is offered at a very reasonable price. This Datsun sports car represents a prime example of the old adage "You can restore a car over and over again, but it is only original once."


We attribute the mechanical strength of the Datsun to having received excellent care over the years and the extensive file of repairs receipts / history certainly confirms that it has received regular maintenance. While the file is entirely too thick to list in complete detail (it contains receipts dating back as far as 1972 when the Datsun was only 6 years old), suffice it to say that this car was very well maintained, especially in the early years when it saw more frequent use, not just weekend or "special occasion" usage.

Below is a list of highlights that are supported by receipts. This valuable file will go with the car as will the workshop manual, a variety of service bulletins, a wiring diagram and the installation / trouble shooting guide for the radio. These items are in no particular order.

- Rebuilt lower end of engine / new pistons
- Valve job, magnaflux head, hardened seats
- Overhaul carburetors
- Rebuilt transmission
- New clutch, balanced flywheel, related work
- Engine tune-ups (multiple & frequent)
- Oil services (frequent and ongoing)
- New rear shocks
- Front end rebuild (complete including; ball joints, bushings, tie rods, drag link, alignment, etc.)
- New radiator (and radiator services)
- New muffler / pipes in 2009
- Brakes, master cylinder
- Newer Falken 195/60R14 radial tires (currently 7/32" tread) on 14" PanaSport wheels
- Fuel pump
- Replacement gauges
- New gas tank w/ chrome locking gas cap
- New battery in 2014
- Paint / body work (including the removal of some minor rust
- Re-chromed bumpers and over-riders
- Replacement sill plates
- New rubber trim
- Convertible top
- Dash replacement
- New Sanyo AM/FM cassette radio w/ power antenna
- Re-chromed rear tail-light housings
- New chrome front headlight trim rings
- Autopower roll bar
- Autopower 4-point seat belts

For those interested in originality, you will be pleased to know that this "1600" has the following original items (or items replaced with New Old Stock) while they were still available from Datsun (now, of course Nissan).

- Instrumentation / Toggle Switches
- Engine / Transmission
- Wheels
- Spare (THE TIRE appears to be ORIGINAL as well!)
- Hubcaps (not used with current after-market wheels)
- Interior & exterior trim


The Datsun starts immediately with the use of the manual choke and idles smoothly and without issue. The car does not smoke, leak excessive fluids, or exhibit any problems when idling or when being driven. There is no noise in the drive line including the transmission, clutch or rear end. The exhaust system was replaced in 2009 and has a pleasing note reminiscent of a classic 1960's sports car.

The engine bay is very clean and the engine is in its original configuration with the exception of K&N air cleaners for improved air flow. The car is fitted with a "header" and retains the stock dual carburetors / airbox.

The Datsun runs really well and shifting through the gears indicates no problems with the transmission or clutch. The clutch engages at the proper position and the synchromesh gears are excellent allowing for smooth up-shifts and downshifts.

The car does not overheat even in California temperatures, idles smoothly and the electrical system holds a charge even if the car sits for a prolonged period of time (something that we're not used to with some of our nice, British collectibles!). The Datsun 1600 is ready to be driven and enjoyed and we could find no mechanical items that require attention at this time.


For additional safety the previous owner installed a removable roll bar and seat belts. If the driver / passenger do not want to use the 3" harnesses, the lap belts can be used independently. The roll bar and safety belts are high quality including:

- Autopower roll bar
- Autopower 4-point 3" seat belts and harnesses in both seats


The body is extremely straight and solid and shows no rust or rot. The door gaps, hood alignment and trunk fit are very good and there is no indication of any accident damage or repair. Additionally, the Datsun is totally free from any major dents / damage. The lower front portions of the fenders are free from the characteristic rust-through (almost always found on these cars) and there is no rust in the trunk, engine bay, or rocker panels. There is no indication of any damage repair on any part of the exterior body and the undercarriage. The underside has not been cleaned and the floors, inner fender wells and chassis are totally free from rust. The trunk is very original, down to the original trunk mat and spare. The trunk and wheel wells are totally free from rust-through. The cars original jack is missing but has been replaced with a usable substitute.

The Datsun was originally red and when the car was re-painted (its factory color; red), considerable effort went into ensuring that the paint work was high quality. The inner door jambs, underside of the trunk, underside of the hood and all exterior panels were re-done professionally. The paint is exceptionally high gloss and free from major defects / flaws. While there are a few minor flaws (one very small "hot spot" under the right side paint), the overall quality is excellent. When the car was repainted, the emblems were removed to provide a cleaner appearance that was preferred by the car's original owner. The original patina / paint remains in the engine bay (inner fender wells) and documents that car as always having been red. Also, the rear trunk side areas retain their originality and are in rust free, original condition.

Datsun 1600 aficionados will notice the improved appearance of the front end as a result of later model, more attractive front fenders. These fenders were added at the time of the Datsuns restoration / re-paint as the owner felt that the very slight stock flares were much more attractive.

The bumpers are very straight and have been re-chromed along with other exterior parts components. They show no wear, rust or damage and are in beautiful condition. The trim, best described as "California quality", on the car appears to be all original and while much of the exterior trim has been re-chromed (tail light housings, bumper guards, bumpers, etc.) the parts appear to be original to the car, not inexpensive aftermarket replacements.

The convertible top is in very good condition with a perfectly clear and flexible 3-piece rear window. The top structure is excellent, works perfectly and is clean and free from damage / rust of any kind. The chrome latches on the convertible top are in excellent condition and seal the top tightly.


The Datsuns front seats were professionally reupholstered within the past few years and show very well. There are a few minor areas of interior wear but, as the photos reflect, the interior is very tidy and free from any tears, rips or major damage. The door panels are very nice and were also re-done. The hardware and glass is in excellent original condition.

The car has the original carpet on the transmission tunnel and the rear cargo area while the floor carpet has been replaced. At that time, the steering wheel was removed and restored and photos on the listing show the solid condition of the floors with the seats and carpet removed.

The interior of the Datsun is largely original and has not been modified / altered except for the installation of a roll bar and 4-point seat belts. The dash is not cut and the gauges appear to be original to this car. The only change is the addition of an upgraded (functional) radio and improved speakers (mounted in an inconspicuous area under the front foot well areas along with a retractable right rear antenna that also works and is activated with a switch located on the lower part of the dash. Also the seats have been upgraded to 67 (apparently the 1966 seats did not have a catch to prevent the seat from folding forward).

The dash is in excellent condition and free from any cracks or sun damage. The dash itself including the gauges, trim surrounds and the painted areas of the dash have survived extremely well over the years and look great considering the age of the Datsun. The gauges are fully functional (temperature, tachometer, speedometer, oil pressure, ammeter, fuel) and even the clock works! The heater/defroster and wipers/washers all work. The glass is excellent including the side windows and front windshield. The windows roll up freely and the doors release from both the inside and outside without any problem. The door locks work and there are separate keys for the ignition, doors, trunk, and gas cap.


The photos show a missing choke knob in the interior. This part is ordered and will be replaced before the Datsun is delivered. Also, the speedometer just stopped working as a result of a malfunctioning angle drive that is also on order and expected to arrive in the next few days; it too will be replaced.

Finally, the 3 spare wheels (and original spare / tire) go with the car and we will be glad to dismount the wheels from the tires to make transporting the wheels easier. The tires that are mounted on the car's original wheels are old and should not be used.


- Body Style: Sports Roadster Convertible
- Engine Location: Front
- Drive Type: Rear
- Body / Chassis Steel Body on Box Section Steel Frame
- Production Years: 1965 - 1970
- Price: $2,546
- Weight: 2030 lbs.
- Combined MPG: 24 mpg
- 0 - 60 MPH: 12.2
- Top Speed: 111 MPH
- Engine Configuration: I
- Cylinders: 4
- Engine: Model R


The "quality-minded sports car for economy-mined people" was first introduced at the Tokyo Auto Show in 1961. The car was first released to the public in 1965 under the name of Datsun, and initially carried the model name of the "Fairlady."

Actually, there was never an actual Datsun company. The name was created in 1931 by the DAT Motorcar Company for a new car model, naming it the "Datsun" to indicate its smaller size compared with the existing larger, DAT car. Later, in 1933 when Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. took control of DAT Motorcar Co., the last syllable was changed to "sun" because "son" also means loss in Japanese, hence the change of names to Datsun.

The first Datsun Fairlady was powered by a 1500cc, 4 cylinder engine that produced 77 horsepower. In 1964, a second carburetor was added resulting in a horsepower increase to 85 hp. A final revision of the 1500 Fairlady model came in 1965 and included a new interior, dash re-design, removal of the back seat and other minor changes.

In 1966 a 96 horsepower, 1600 cc displacement version of the Datsun sports car was introduced and the name was appropriately changed to the "Datsun 1600." Production of this model continued until mid-1970 and became known as the SP311 model by Nissan / Datsun

The Datsun 1600's that were produced up to the 1968 model year are considered some of the most desirable examples due to the changes that occurred with the 1968 and later model Datsun 1600 / 2000 cars. These changes came as a result of stricter DOT and EPA regulations and included the following:

- Windshield was raised 2 inches (changed the appearance of the car in a negative way)
- The classic flat dash with toggle switches was replaced with a "safety dash" with recessed gauges and push / pull switches.
- The dash mounted mirror was replaced by a windshield mounted mirror
- Push button handles were replaced by pull up door handles
- The car received new body panels, floor and cowl panels
- The rear received less attractive styling with a recess around the license plate

Many Datsun 1600's found their way onto the race track and did quite well with the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) where Paul Newman won several races behind the wheel of a Datsun.

In 1970, the Datsun 1600 / 2000 gave way to the 240Z, a completely different car for Datsun. Many enthusiasts prefer the classic styling of the 1600 / 2000 Roadsters and, of course, the benefit of having a convertible vs. a closed, sports car.


As always, we recommend that you carefully review the seller's background for any collector car being sold over the Internet. It is important to ask yourself a number of questions including, but not limited to:

- How long have they been in business?

- How much experience do they have with collector cars?

- How many positive collector car vehicle sales have they completed (positive eBay feedback)?

- How detailed/complete is the description of the vehicle?

- Do the photos show details of the interior, exterior, top, chrome, etc. or are they simply "glamour shots" taken from a distance?

- Does the seller have a Surety Bond to protect the financial transaction?

- What about insurance, licensing by the state, and a local business license?

- Does the seller (if a business) have any DMV (Motor Vehicle) complaints and/or other history of legal action, grievances?

- Does the seller enjoy a favorable local and national/international reputation?

- Can the seller assist with funding sources, transport and out of state/country sales?

Classic Cars Ltd.


Body Type / Style:Convertible
Exterior Color:Red
Interior Color:Black
Engine:4 Cylinder
Transmission:   4 Speed Manual
Mileage:TMU (Total Miles Unknown)


3" Lap & Shoulder Belts
4 Speed Manual
AM/FM/Casette Radio
Amazing Survivor!
Car Cover Included
Convertible Top
Excellent Documentation
Exempt From Smog in California
Factory Bucket Seats
Factory Spare
Front Disc Brakes
  Functional Horn
Heater / Defroster
New Carpet
New Interior (seats)
Panasport Wheels
Rebuilt Engine
Repair History
Repair Receipts
Seat Belts (Front)

Pleasanton, CA 925-846-1451 Email